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Hiring People I Like


When I left my last job and set out to build Kohort, I laid out a few personal goals. One of them was simply to always work with people that I like and that I hoped would like each other. When you get to pick the team you can prioritize things like that.

When I started hiring I wondered if this approach was too self-indulgent.  I now believe, that it's the cornerstone of building a great culture through your founding team.  

While focusing on hiring people you like doesn't mean that you ignore talent, skill-set and beyond, it does mean that once you find the *right* person for the job making sure they're a fit with the culture is worthwhile.  

Good culture = happier team.  Happier team = more productivity, easier recruiting and a more fun work environment for everyone (including me).

So far so good. I really love our team. They’re all people I hope to stay friends with. Our recent trip to SXSW really confirmed this.  Living with other people is hard. Habits and ticks typically becoming annoying quickly. But that didn’t happen. We worked hard and found ourselves laughing morning, afternoon and night.

I only hope that we have a reason to travel with the rest of the team next time. Laughing that hard is good for the soul.


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